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About Us

Welcome to our corner of wellness! We're thrilled to introduce ourselves -- two friends, J. and Tiger, on a shared journey to lead healthier lives.

As we found ourselves entrenched in the work-from-home routine, nurturing relationships, raising kids, and pursuing personal passions--all this can leave little time for self-care. That's where our journey began.


Health Highlight is here to fit health into your dynamic lifestyle. We urge everyone, ourselves included, to invest in well-being every day. Just as saving money little by little yields results, dedicating a little time and effort to our health pays dividends.

The 1% Principle

Much of our work is inspired by the principle of incremental improvement, transformation comes from consistent small steps. Like compounding interest fuels financial growth, investing a mere 1% of your day in deliberate health actions accumulates into remarkable well-being over time.

Explore our carefully crafted apps--whether you focus on physical fitness, mental clarity, or simply having a moment of fun, they are designed to assist your daily well-being investment.

As two friends on the same journey, we celebrate triumphs -- regardless of how big or small.

Thank you for joining us at Health Highlight. Here's to investing in health, one day at a time.

J. & Tiger